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OiiO slogan - We believe that OiiO International is the best place to start and grow a digital business.

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Why do we do what we do?

We believe Bangladesh is the best place to start and/or grow a digital business.
OiiO International is the leading business conglomerate in Bangladesh, specializing in internet and related technologies. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of our business at the age of digital economy. We focus on areas like science, engineering, technology, research and development, humanity, innovation and invention and alternative energy. We highlights on digital skills, smart capital investment, infrastructure, international development and leadership.

We do this in four ways:

Targeted projects for customers: that fill market gaps across the whole life cycle of digital businesses.
Uniting Society: providing an agile and responsive feedback loop to government to help shape the right policies via roundtables, surveys, white papers and reports to unite the society.

Foundation: provides the rigorous program for future generation.
Invest in Future: championing and connecting the digital sector in all major cities in Bangladesh, and internationally via international trade missions, media engagement and events.

It’s primarily focus is on the computer, networking and communications industry. The Company provides software products to all major segments of the computing market from PCs and workstations to networking and communications.

The company operates in product including FinTech, Data, Analytics & Cybersecurity, eCommerce & Marketplace, Digital Advertising & Marketing, Digital Entertainment, EdTech, Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing, Hardware & Devices and SaaS.

OiiO International's strategic product includes media, CRM, ERP, Sales & Marketing Lab, security and designing creative solutions for competitive market structures.

OiiO International's core strategy is to tailor technologies for each segment of the computing market. They will continue to provide high-performance product and services to support the high-end PCs and workstations/servers. The Company also continues to support the brand preference strategy, which has made OiiO International a household name in Bangladesh.

The Company plans to cultivate new businesses and continue to work with the software industry to develop compelling applications that can take advantage in market, and thus driving demand toward the newer products in each computing market segment. In line with this strategy, the Company is seeking to develop higher performance product and services for each market segment, including servers, workstations, high- end business PCs, the basic PC and other product lines.


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Our Vision and Culture

We are a small, high performance team with high standards and big ambitions.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our aim is to be transformative and collaborative in our work. We focus on speed, scale, smart resourcefulness and unbounded optimism. We never ship junk and never start with ‘no’. We’re solution oriented and always focus on the outcome and the impact of any project or priority.

We’re a curious bunch, creative and a little quirky. We debate things passionately in team meetings and stand-ups. We agree and disagree on how the world should work, but we all agree on making a big difference through our work at OiiO International. Which is why we love it here and never take it for granted.

Below are some strategies to help nurture a positive organizational culture and keep OiiO International key employees:
1. Encourage and reward workers who are willing to "go the extra mile".
2. Maintain open lines of communication at all levels.
3. Reduce or eliminate micromanagement.
4. Maintain competitive salaries and benefits.
5. Encourage ethical decision-making at all levels of the organization.

OiiO International provides a successful model for building and maintaining employee satisfaction, which in turn promotes customer satisfaction. OiiO International's success is attributed to dual priorities of recruiting top talent and keeping employees happy. Strategies can be as simple as providing high facilities that are employee and family friendly. OiiO International believes they have a responsibility to "give back" to society. To stay true to its mission, OiiO International offers products that significantly and measurably improve the quality of life, customers operating performance or value proposition and environmental performance. It's foundation guide and sustainable business practice is keen to achieve the organization’s green objectives.

OiiO Official slogan - Us for one, one for us

Company History

OiiO International started life in Dhaka in 2015. We have since grown our support to all major cities in Bangladesh.

In flash memories, OiiO International has dominated the market essentially from the beginning.

Over the past couple of years OiiO International has stepped up its strategy of investing in other companies, typically startups, to help facilitate new application software content and hardware. The company is keep its dominant position in market and recently invested include Chips and Technologies.

Products and processes

Products and Processes

Principal products are microprocessors, core logic chipsets based on the PCI bus, embedded processors and microcontrollers, flash memory chips, computer modules and boards, network and communications products, personal conferencing products, and scaleable parallel processing computers. Some of these products are described in more detail below.

Science: Interboll, OiiO Go, OiiO Games, OiiO Software.

Engineering: OiiO Aviation, OiiO Pixel, OiiO Software.

Technology: OiiOx, OiiO Auto, OiiO Software.

Research & Development:OiiO Study, OiiO Admission, OiiO Media House, OiiO Books.

Humanity:OiiO Haat, OiiO Mart, OiiO Tours, OiiO Property, OiiO Businessworld, OiiO Recipes, OiiO Daily Health, OiiO Healthy Food, OiiO Morning, OiiO Magazines, OiiO Beauty, OiiO Stop, OiiO Creation, Plants, OiiO Toys, OiiO Gifts, OiiO Flowers, OiiO Chocolate, OiiO Wedlock, OiiO Stationary, OiiO Accessories, OiiO Sports, OiiO Card Shop, OiiO Angel, OiiO Farms, OiiO Super Markets, OiiO Tickets, OiiO Shopping.

Innovation & Invention:Interboll, OiiO Go, OiiO Games.

Alternative Energy:OiiO Group, OiiO Unite.

Impact or Key agreements and alliances

Impact/Key Agreements and Alliances:

We use a variety of indicators to measure our activities and impact. To bolster its technological leadership and increase its international sales OiiO International has entered into several major alliances.

  • OiiO International signed an agreement to plant a transformer to meet its own electricity demand.
  • OiiO International signed an agreement to set up its own solar plant for alternative energy.
  • OiiO International is started negotiation to set up its own data centre in Bangladesh.
  • OiiO International has made an agreement to buy lands in Gazipur to build its own purpose build office.
  • OiiO International has got an offer to make an alliance with a Classic Fashion Group to expand its cloth business in UK and America.
  • OiiO International has got an offer from Property Association to make an alliance with them.
OiiO Noteworthy news

Noteworthy News:

  • In 2016, OiiO International has developed web browser.
  • In 2016, OiiO International has developed Social Media.
  • In 2016, OiiO International has developed its own ERP & CRM system.
  • In 2016, British Mobile company cell fone city visited OiiO International to open a joint venture mobile assembling business.
  • In 2016, OiiO International has got an offer from a Chinese company to make battery in Bangladesh.
  • In 2015, OiiO International has got offer from Grameen Bank to make their system
  • In 2015, OiiO International has got offer from ICT division of Bangladesh to help the Govt to maintain the digital Eco-system.

If you’re interested in working here, drop us a line. Come with ideas, imagination, a strong work ethic and commitment to make a difference.


We are proud to have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of organisations – read what our customers have to say about us.

Supporting Our Community And Beyond

We believe in giving a little back to our wider community to support social good and humanitarian causes. Here are just selections of the causes we have supported as enterprise philanthropy over the past 12 months.
Universal Solar Energy by Nature
British heart foundation
London youth
In support of WaterAid
Cancer Research UK

Green Objectives

We understand the importance of when trying to achieve an organization’s green objectives. We believe in supporting sustainable growth of the internet of things, environmental aspects, social responsibility of business, sustainable development and green technology.
Universal Solar Energy by Nature
DC Solar 350
Call Earth Solar
Solar Gard Window Films
Choice Energy
Green  Power Renewable Energy

Regional Offices/Representative Locations

EUROPE:753A High Road, Leytonstone, London, E11 4QS, UK

USA: 34-28 70th ST. Jackson Heights, NY 11372

SOUTH ASIA: 200/7, Gazi Bhaban, School Road, Kuril Chowrasta, Vatara, Dhaka, 1229, Bangladesh

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