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Entrepreneurs and businesses require different types of help at different stages of their growth. We offer programmes aimed at driving growth across the lifecycle of any businesses.
We are one of the fastest growing and most disruptive digital technology companies and we offer range of services for our business clients:
  • OiiO Business Cluster Alliance
  • Management system
  • Digital advertising and growth
  • Business Alumni
  • Digital Academy/OiiO Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Lab
  • Hardware Lab
  • Business Review
  • Business Pulse
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OiiO Business Cluster Alliance

OiiO Business Cluster alliance helps business to transfer knowledge for facilitating and aligning competing values and prioritises of business. We support and encourage any institution to grow to become successful in their goals. We provide range of technological services for business owner so that they can overcome their declining productivity, command and control the mechanism and explore their online and offline presence. We want to create direct positive impact in business development. We also provide the fastest, high performing and most disruptive digital technology services through a curated set of private partners, networking opportunities and direct links to clusters. We run our cluster initiative to integrate the nationwide business cycle.

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Management system

We believe in cognitive process automation which can help your business. Our RPA system can help you as a disrupting technology with capabilities of providing benefits such as enhanced accuracy, compliance, cost saving and scalability. Our smart technology and software service can automate routine processes in order to relieve employees of dull work and reduce errors and to improve employee performance. Our cognitive but labor-intensive software will free human workers to do more ‘creative’ tasks, and they will boost their imagination to achieve more. In brief, our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refer to configuring software to do your job.

Showing digital advertisement and its growth

Digital advertising and growth

Digital advertising and growth includes website, mobile, video and social media usage. One of the drivers for growth is the massive investment in mobile phone and tablet-friendly transactional websites made by forward thinking fashion and lifestyle brands."
OiiO International provides superb tools for all businesses with growth potential, filled with invaluable insights and guidance for SME. Our all inclusive digital tools will drive you to bring success in your business, especially in finance, HR, marketing, innovation, people and IT, as well as help on enterprise risk and useful advice. It is the clear source of choice to help you ensure and manage business growth, particularly in challenging economic conditions. Now we look at all the areas ripe for exploitation by your growing business and the ways you can manage the associated risks.

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Business Alumni

Alumni are the greatest drivers of referral hires, sales leads, evangelism and much more! Get started today and establish a valuable, branded, corporate system to manage and connect with your corporate alumni.
Integrate Alumni in to your HR landscape, immediately transform and expand your talent supply, drive recruitment, business development & corporate evangelism. We believe “Your network is your net worth.” Do you want to build a thriving Alumni community? Do want to drive the value and culture of an Alumni community and embed it as a core pillar of your organization? OiiO International can establish a seamless roadmap for your organisation and the tools exist to support every part of the journey to reaching a thriving, valuable and opt-in Alumni community for your company and your employees.

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Digital Academy/OiiO Centre for Entrepreneurship

Digital Business Academy is a set of 4 free expert courses designed to teach you everything you need to know to start, grow or join a digital business. The Centre provides experiential entrepreneurial training for youth as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Our 75° OiiO technet, 360° OiiO Unites Bootcamp, 60° OiiO roundtable for sales and marketing, 90° OiiO free Legacy of Hope for new scientists – all these programmes are the glorious attempt to pool new talents in business and scientific development.

Marketing lab - nicely decorated by high quality research environment including laptop for each researcher.

Marketing Lab

OiiO International has assembled an in- house group of marketing experts. Their mission is to develop marketing tools and techniques that could be used by advertisers on the Internet. This is the largest network of digital marketing and advertising community. They are continuously thinking to find out the new way of market your business. Our blue-ribbon marketing research group intends to take your business from your warehouse to international business World. They focus on focuses on the incubation of ideas, the fast-tract development and rapid execution of new marketing programs and services, and the management of customer touch points across an organization.

Hardware lab - nicely decorated high quality assemble environment

Hardware Lab

Traditionally, students execute experiments in special laboratories. This leads to extremely high costs and a reduction in the maximum number of possible participants. We have a special Learning Management System in combination with hardware components which correspond to a fully equipped laboratory workstation that are lent out to the students for the duration of the lab. Our hardware lab is not only a centre of innovation, but also opens up a new door of opportunities. We deeply understand that hardware is the third eye for any businessmen. Our hardware component package is the easiest, fastest and most convenient tools for fulfilling the dreams of businessman.

Digitally reviewing businesses

Business Review

Our business review and business survey programme are the most exciting entrepreneurial innovation for developing entrepreneur networks in the creative industries. The vision of business review is to synthesise knowledge in entrepreneurship research, systematic business review, predict entrepreneurial behaviour and a personality approach, behaviour of the customers, business ethics and social responsibility in small, medium and large firms. It will help every business entrepreneurs and individual consumers to looking back and moving ahead; and possibilities and opportunities.

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Business Pulse

Discover your true potential. We always invite you to measure your performance and discover how to reach your potential. Find out how to work smarter and make your business leaner, stronger and more profitable. Our business pulse initiative will help you to benchmark your company to up your game. Business Pulse works only with productivity. It measures up and shapes your future. Internet can be an incredible tool for businesses and others to measure trends in real time. Business Pulse provides tools for inexpensive and real time measurement methodologies businesses can start using right away.

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95% Of You Told Us You Are Optimistic About Growth Prospects For The Technology Industry In Tne BD


70% who took part in the survey are founders, CEOs or both

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29% have 5 or fewer employees

fewer employees

20% have over 100

have over 100

The main business focus is:

OiiO business focus

Your companies are head - quartered...

 companies are head quartered

Growth Prospects

Around 80% plan to employ more people over the next 12 months.

people over the next 12 months

Over 44% plan to increase their revenue by over 100% in the next 12 months

 plan to increase their revenue

Just over 20% of businesses are either pre-seed or seed stage whilst just under 40% of the companies are at growth stage

Preparedness to deal with potential regulatory or other public policy changes :

 potential regulatory

Experience of raising capital :

Experience of raising capital

The most important thing government could do to help companies like yours...

The most important thing government could do to help companies like yours

Over 35% see access to capital/funding as the biggest challenge to the growth of the company over the next 12 months .

the biggest challenge to the growth of the company

Around 20% feel that both education / skills and digital infrastructure require major goverment change .

digital infrastructure require major goverment change

14% see access to qualified and skilled employees as the largest challenge.

see access to qualified and skilled employees as the largest challenge

Would like to see:

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Your conscerns about the effects of public policy and regulatory changes to your business...

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