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OiiO Retail employees are unique individuals whose varied talents and experiences bring value to the way they connect people with OiiO. So whether you’re analytical or creative, tech savvy or a people person, the OiiO Retail provides an ideal opportunity to challenge yourself.

Sales Opportunities

Looking for a sales job that combines your brilliant people skills with your enthusiasm about technology? The OiiO Retail is a retail environment like no other — uniquely focused on delivering amazing customer experiences. And we’re looking for incredible individuals to connect consumers and businesses to our amazing products.

Customer Support Opportunities

Love to solve problems and share your knowledge? At the OiiO Retail, the best products come with the best customer support. Trustworthy troubleshooting and skilled instruction are just part of the equation — we want our customers to be happy with every interaction they have here.

Leadership Opportunities

At the OiiO Retail, we know inspiring leaders come from every sort of background. What matters most is your ability to connect, provide innovative solutions, and create an environment where all can succeed.

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We’ve created a whole different kind of store: creative, collaborative, and fun. Join us in sales, support, or leadership.

Student Programs

You can be part of OiiO while you’re still getting your degree, as an OiiO Care Advisor, as an intern, or through a scholarship.

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At OiiO, we believe inclusion inspires innovation

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